Miracles…and earthquakes?

Yesterday, an earthquake shook while we were sitting at McDonald’s fighting over the last handful of french fries. The look on the kids’ face said it all…”FEAR!”

“Stay calm, stay calm,” I said with the authority of a veteran earthquake surfer. As it turned out it was a small 5.4 earquake centered about 2 hours drive time to the east of us.  But our kids had lived through the huge quake that turned Haiti up side down, taking with it some 200,000 people with it — just the thought of it still causes them to tremble. But to me, the earthquake was a miracle.  What caused pain and fear for many — brought joy and peace to my life.  What was once a far-a-way place, Haiti was now thrust into the spot light on a world stage. Resources are being made available, money is donated, lives are being changed…because God shook the earth.

It has been nearly six months to the day that Haiti experienced the catastrophic earthquake, and now is the time for the rebuilding! Kermit and I are still navigating the legal system of our adoption story, but we are committed to finishing our project and know that we serve a God…who still moves mountains.


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When this Crazy Lady went to Haiti…

In 2003 I volunteered to go to Haiti as part of a radio team. What in the world was I thinking? Ten minutes after my arrival, I was ready to turn around and head home to beautiful Southern California and forget the whole thing. But then the big eyes of a little boy and the whispered word of …”windmill” caught my attention and the rest has been a journey of 1000 mircles. 

Seven years later, with the help of a Huge God and a Big Earthquake, we now have 5 Haitian children, all brothers and sisters, home with us and we are ready to finish the wind project at Mission of Hope. 

This has been a journey of restoration, love, frustration, deep sorrow, abundant joy and 1000 miracles.  Along the way we have meet Earth’s poorest and richest, all connected through us to focus on Haiti.


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